Milled Timber Home

Milled Timber Home
From £4,999

This is a heavy timber home. Timber dimensions are 6 x 5m. It has 1 bedroom, a shower room, sink, wc and lounge/kitchen room. All windows are fully glazed and all doors are locking. This is an ideal guest chalet or retirement annex. It is easy to build with full instructions, all timbers are interlocking.

This is the self build price for this timber building. It contains every single item you will need with full instructions to build.

All cabins now come complete with felt roof shingles

Self Build Instructions

First excavate the soil to a depth of 10 inches, slightly larger than a 6 x 6 meter square. Lay 6-inch of hard core into the excavated square, ask your local building supplier for crusher run. Then pour a further 4 inches of concrete in to the base, tamper the concrete until level. Then allow the base to set’ about 24 hours [depending on weather conditions]. Then roll out a of 8 inch wide roll of pvc damp proof course’ where the timbers are going to sit on the base. This stops moisture penetrating the timbers.

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Planning Regulations do not apply to this cabin if:

1. The construction does not exceed 30 square meters.
2. The construction does not take up more than 50% of your garden area
3. The construction does not exceed 4 meters in height
4. The construction is 5 meters away from your home.


The crusher run needed for base is approximate weight 8.5 tonnes.
Price: £200

The concrete required is approximate 3 cubic meters
Price: £300

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