Milled or Rounded Timber

Milled or Rounded Timber

We have a range of real log homes that can be built to any size. Cabins can include bedrooms, a shower, toilet, sink and a combined lounge/kitchen

Our Log Cabin are made from pine or spruce logs. All the logs are 100 millimeters in diameter and have an insulation value of U2. This is the best insulation value log available for cabin construction. All the logs used the traditional round shape which gives better insulation properties than the modern oval shape. The logs can be finished in two ways; milled finish or lovingly hand crafted. The milled logs are machined to a perfect smooth round finish. The hand crafted logs are worked by hand from start to finish and have a natural log look. All the bark is stripped off by hand and joints are also made by hand

All cabins now come complete with felt roof shingles

Fire Protection

Our log homes use 8" to 18" diameter whole logs. You probably already know from personal experience in starting a fire that it is easy to burn kindling. No one with any experience in starting a camp fire would commence with timber that is not split. The logs are laid horizontally and have no gaps in between them. This means that flames can not take hold easily. Needless to say, the logs will be scorched in a fire, but can be cleaned up effectively by sandblasting.

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Display Ground

Our display ground is located at Nookwood Cottage in Blackpool Road, Kirkham Centre, near Blackpool, Lancashire.