Major Considerations in Getting a Log Home Built

Land - finding the piece you want.

Design - deciding what you need and what it will look like.

Planning Permission - putting your best case forward

Financing - finding both mortgage and construction money


Finding the right plot for your home is a major step in moving your project forward.

Use a professional surveyor so that hidden problems can be uncovered early.


All Latvian log cabins have a range of tried and tested designs to choose from.

However if you wish to design your own’ we can build a custom model for you see useful information below.

To begin, make a prioritized list of the following:

Actual needs: Number of bedrooms, baths, floors, etc.
Priorities: Master suite, big kitchen, dining room, living room, porches, etc.
Placement of rooms: Children's bedrooms in relation to master, utilities
Amenities: garage, sauna hot tub, etc.

Assign room sizes and space requirements for each room. Make sure plan fits lot or that lot fits plan.

Compare list to budget. Start separating "Must have" from "Nice-to-have".

Refine until all needed elements are included in an acceptable affordable plan.

Planning Permission

Planning officers have the role of ensuring buildings meet the objectives of the local council building regulations.

Successfully gaining planning permission is a mixture of good presentation and a good attitude.

At present log homes are not common in the UK and this presents both challenges and opportunities.

Ensure you get a copy of your local plan guide from the council prior to making an application.

This is the rule book that they use to assess your application. So you can look for areas that will enhance your presentation.

First impressions count and presenting the case correctly is important.

There are planning consultants who can help you present your case and they are normally Ex planners themselves.


Most banks and mortgage lenders have little experience in log home financing.

Try to release equity from your existing home if you require a additional log home abroad.

Or as in most cases people sell their existing homes and have one built in log.

In most cases bigger and better for a fraction of the cost.

Also most of our log homes are constructed within a week.

If you decide to be your own General Contractor:

Describe exactly what you want in minute detail: Count the cost to build
Time it will take to build.
Cost of materials.
Cost of tools,
interest on loan, etc.

Plan the sequence of events - the 'Flow Chart'

Get three bids for each item or service to be purchased

Be specific in your requests

Allow a safety net in time and money - overruns can reach 20%!

Carry Builders Risk and Workers Compensation insurance!!!

If you decide to act as your own General Contractor:

Convey exactly what you want to each subcontractor.

Get three written bids for each item or service

Make sure all bids reflect exactly what you want

As important as price is how well the sub understands and communicates with you. Build a good rapport.

Understand the sequence of events and schedule appropriately.

Let all subs know you are working to a schedule. Institute bonus/penalty program to stick to schedule

Be prepared for cost overruns of 15-20%

Log Cabin
Log Cabin