Milled Timber Cabin
The Interlock System

Milled Timber Cabin

You can have any size of timber cabin made to your specification. All timber used in cabin construction have been kiln dried to about 18% moisture content. However the timber cabin may settle by about five centimeters over the next five years. this means that where windows and doors fit, the timber has channels cut into their sides. Firstly a fillet fits into the channel then the window or door fits to the fillet. This means if the timbers do settle that do so independently and no crushing or twisting of the windows or doors take place.

All cabins now come complete with felt roof shingles

The Interlock System

Here you can see the interlocking system in detail as how the wires, plumbing and waste pipes are incorporated into the log cabin build. this is our most FAQ.

Insulation layers are placed in-between each timber. A home made with 150 mil timber’ as are all our cabins ‘have a insulation value of u2. This is the highest insulation value achieved in timber home construction.

Channels are drilled within the timber recess for electrical wire it be inserted. Plumbing pipes and waste pipes are all concealed within the timber walls in the same way. Then the face of the timber is drilled where the light switches & sockets are required and wires pulled through wooden dowels are then hammered into the holes drilled through the timber walls and corners to lock the system together.

How do they retain heat?

We have two types of log home; spruce and pine. The first type is solid log. Logs are excellent insulators, especially pine due to its cell formation. Log homes can hold and re-radiate heat and can also buffer dampness. Meaning they stabilize both humidity and temperature very well. This is also true in hot climates where log homes will remain cooler than other types of homes.

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