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Luxury 3 Bedroom Log Cabin

This cabin is fully constructed and finished at your location mainland UK. Prices will be more expensive for constructions abroad.


This is a 9m x 6m log cabin, 3 bedrooms, lounge dining, kitchen, living room, combined.

This is the high quality cabin, with all the best energy saving features.

We have been manufacturing log cabins now for five years. This cabin is the best we have produced to date.

The layout

The design has a great lay out. There are 3 bedrooms each 3x3m.

The lounge / living room/kitchen,combined is 6m x 4.5m at its widest point, to 3m at the narrowest.

The bathroom is 3m x 1.5 m


The cabin consists of a 40 mil external skin, with a 40mm internal carcass, 50mm insulation, and 20mm t+g lining.

The ceilings /walls/floors,are all 20mm t+g clad, with a 100mm insulation.

All cabins are fully wired, with electrical points and lighting.

The roof is felt slate shingles, in a choice of colours.

The windows are double glazed , energy saving 16mm grey therm glass. A video of this cabin can be seen opposite.

The construction time is three weeks.

Buyers need to provide a concrete base, and their own bathroom and kitchen.

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